Cutting / Processing services

Advanced material processing technology

We have a well-developed machine park at our disposal, with cutting-edge equipment for processing and storage of materials. We ensure quick and effective service in the 24h/7 system.

Using four machine lines, we perform longitudinal cutting, polishing and film application for stainless steel and aluminium products. We offer cut-to-measure sheets, discs and rods as well as delivery of ready materials to the Customer's seat. We also offer curved CNC cutting. We can fully adjust the lead time to your requirements.

Our offer:

  • Circular saw cutting

    • maximum width 4000mm
    • maximum thickness 210mm 
    • cutting length tolerance 0/+2mm
  • Milling

    • 620x1800mm formats with +-/ 0.15mm accuracy
  • Waterjet cutting

    • working field 2000x4000
    • maximum thickness 230mm
    • +/- 0,15 to 4mm, depending on the material and thickness
  • Rod cutting

    • maximum diameter 700mm
    Cutting length tolerance:
    • 0/+2mm
  • Milling plotter cutting

    • +/- 0,1mm

Would you like a quotation?

Complete the form below. We will need information about the base materials and vector files (2D, 3D) or technical drawings of the elements. We will prepare the quotation based on the supplied materials.