AGS systems

AGS System (Advanced Groove System) - the strongest and most reliable system of mechanical tube connection offered by Victaulic for 14" - 72"/350 - 1800 mm diameter tubes.


  • Cooled water installation
  • Distribution pipelines
  • Industrial process installations
  • Heating and cooling networks
  • Pipelines for non-abrasive media (however, the outer rings for use with AGS couplings are available for installations with abrasive media)


  • Safety:
    • Safe and tight connections
    • High strength
    • High resistance to damage
    • Resistance to tremors
  • Ease of installation:
    • The two-piece casing ensures quick, easy and reliable installation
    • Disconnection option for adjustment, maintenance or extension purposes
  • Cost reduction:
    • Low labour costs of installation, maintenance and overhauls
    • High reusability
    • Engagement of certified personnel or use of specialised equipment not required