Compressed air installations

Also referred to as a compressed air system, a technological transmission pipeline used to distribute the medium - compressed air in specific quantities, times and pressure from the compressor (production site) to receipt points.

Compressed air installations can be made of:

  • stainless steel - Standard OGS system for stainless installations.
  • thin-walled stainless steel - System Victaulic Strength Thin 100
  • galvanized black steel - Standard OGS system​

Advantages of grooved system installations:

  • Easy and quick installation, ca. 50% time saving
  • Reduced installation downtimes
  • No high temperatures or open fire
  • No anti-corrosive protection required
  • No weld x-rays
  • Vibration and noise damping
  • Connection tightness (self-tightening)
  • Reduced installation downtimes
  • No highly qualified staff required
  • Fully dismantlable system, reusability option
  • Complete systems, connectors, fittings, fixtures, expansion joints
  • No tube weakening