Flexible hoses

Armoured flexible hoses - sprinkler coupling systems - flexible hoses - VicFlex: they offer full resistance to breaking and the tightest bends on the market. Up to 10x faster than threaded tubes, VicFlex hoses eliminate the use of soiling cutting and measuring tools as well as cutting and threading to specific sizes at the installation site. The VicFlex system consists of clips, ducts and tube fittings for various types of sprinkler installations: commercial false ceilings, commercial false ceilings mounted on metal or wooden strut bars/ceiling coverings, hollow brick walls, clean rooms or industrial duct systems.

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Advantages of flexible hoses:

  • Reduction of threaded connections
  • Variable sprinkler positioning
  • Time efficiency
  • Work safety improvement
  • Option to apply for two types of false ceilings:
    • drywall sheets
    • coffer