HDPE installations

HDPE Installations - the Victaulic System for HDPE connection (Refuse-To-Fuse HDPE) - the first Ready-Fuse technology in the industry with smooth ends and grooves for mechanical connection of high density polyethylene. The Victaulic® solutions for HDPE installations ensure ease of use of standard tube fittings and valves compliant with the IPS standard on HDPE tubes, with use of a coupling allowing for transition from HDPE products to grooved products.


  • Drinking water installations
  • Food and chemical industry
  • Technological sewage systems
  • Communications engineering


  • Safety:
    • Safe and tight connections
    • High working pressure resistance
    • High resistance to damage
    Ease of installation:
    • Quick and simple assembly and disassembly - making the connection require only regular hand tools, such as ring spanners.
    • Tube grooving not required
    • Possible tube installation in narrow spaces and places with difficult access
    • Smaller dimensions and lower weight in comparison to flange connections
    Cost reduction:
    • Low labour costs of installation, maintenance and overhauls
    • High reusability
    • Engagement of certified personnel or use of specialised equipment not required
    • Option to install in all weather conditions, without setting up protective tents, and the connection completion time is not dependent on the weather conditions, making Victaulic system installation 10 times faster than tube welding using PE fittings.