Refrigerating installations

Cold distribution through the so-called chilled water installation is the most commonly encountered solution of room air conditioning. Typical chilled water usually contains a 30% aquatic solution of ethylene glycol with temperature at the outlet from the chilled water unit ranging from +5 to +7°C. Chilled water is distributed around the building by means of tube installations to fan coil units - heat exchangers where the ventilated air is cooled down and chilled water temperature is increased to ca. +12°C.

Application of the Victualic grooved system:

  • Cooling water
  • Sprinkler water
  • Glycol installations
  • Cooling towers
  • Brine installations
  • Special refrigerant installations
  • Central cooling units
  • Chilling unit installations
  • Air treatment units

Advantages of application of the Victualic system in refrigerating installations:

  • Connection tightness (self-tightening)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Reduced installation downtimes
  • Reduction of total costs
  • No weld x-rays
  • Better work progress control
  • Installation in all weather conditions
  • Vibration damping
  • Noise reduction