Standard system for stainless installations

Stainless (acid resistant) steel tubes and fittings are increasingly popular products used for construction of various types of installations.

Technological advancement and growing demand for top quality products make suppliers face high requirements.

The installation market is also heading towards application of better solutions. Stainless steel is gaining an increasing number of enthusiasts every year.


  • Compressed air installations,
  • Solar installations,
  • Industrial installations,
  • Technological installations,
  • Hydrant installations,
  • Refrigerating installations,
  • Heating installations,
  • Storm water system,
  • Drinking water installations,

Advantages of grooved system stainless installations:

  • Easy and quick installation, ca. 50% time saving
  • Reduced installation downtimes
  • No high temperatures or open fire
  • No anti-corrosive protection required
  • No weld x-rays
  • Vibration and noise damping
  • Fully dismantlable system, reusability option.
  • Complete systems, connectors, fittings, fixtures, expansion joints
  • No highly qualified staff required
  • No tube weakening